Taiwan Sign Language (TSL) is the language used by the deaf community in Taiwan. The compilation of the TSL Online Dictionary has had both academic and pedagogical considerations. For teachers in deaf education or the general public, this dictionary is a tool for learning TSL. We also hope to provide a database for those who might be interested in doing research on the linguistic structure of TSL, especially its phonology (basic elements for forming lexical items), morphology, and semantics.

Prof. Jane Tsay and Prof. James H.-Y. Tai have primary responsibility for the compilation of the TSL Online Dictionary. The collection of data started in 2001 and have collected near 3000 lexical items based on Smith and Ting's pioneer work Shou Neng Sheng Qiao [Your hands can become a bridge], Shouyu Fanyiyuan Peixun Jiaocai [Materials for Training Sign Language Interpreters] published by Department of Labor, Taipei City Government, and the collection of our own field work for the reference grammar and other research projects of the TSL research group. The database will expand as our research on TSL continues.

Under each lexical item, there is a video of the signing with a text description in both Chinese and English. The current edition contains the most frequent 1000 lexical items. The more words will be released in the near future.

Please read the User's Guide before you use the dictionary. Your comments and suggestions will be highly appreciated. Please contact the webmasters Jane Tsay, Hsin-hsien Lee, and Yijun Chen at